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ARTWORKS AMERICA – enriching the arts
and culture landscape – one project at a time

ARTWORKS AMERICA works with clients in both the public and private sectors to raise aesthetic goals, introduce new ideas, establish top-notch professional standards and implement comprehensive arts and culture programs and projects. Our sponsors and partners in success are leaders in government, business, education, social groups, charities and the arts.

Our projects are designed to bring exceptional value to communities and our work usually focuses on a combination of art, cultural values, the environment, charity and education. Our success is due in part to our ability to garner the support of governments and to finance the projects with private funds from local and international corporations. Communities are the direct beneficiaries of these collaborations and our projects have improved the quality of life equation for many communities and thousands of people.

Attractive lifestyles and compelling environments for arts and culture are essential ingredients in the complex mix of factors affecting societies' competitiveness.